TECHNOFuture is the first curriculum in Egypt for the development of school-age students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The curriculum aims to empower students to succeed and compete globally. The curriculum qualifies students to participate in STEM activities and Championships globally. TechnoFuture started in Egypt in 2005 and now established more than 15 branches in Egypt and the Arab World.

TECHNOFuture is the leading pioneer of new generation’s development and enrichment programs since 2007. We provide high-quality Robotics Programming, technology and engineering engaging activities to students 4-17 years to boost their future career prospects.

Our Belief
Well educated young people are our most precious asset. We strive to help our students receive the very best educational service, with each student working at the right level for them in order to maximize their personal potential. We are passionate about providing exemplary levels of service for our students.

Educational goals and approach
When today’s graduates begin to enter the workforce, chances are that they will be working in jobs that have not been created yet. They will need the ability to think creatively in order to succeed in our rapidly changing world. The students will grow in their self confidence and self esteem while they build a solid foundation for future learning. When students begin their learning experience in a fun, high energy environment, their love of learning will carry through the remainder of their educational experiences.

The experiments and hands-on activities make the most of student’s creative problem solving (lateral thinking), critical thinking and expressive processes. Students explore the world of decision-making and build on their entrepreneurial skills. Creativity and originality are stressed through discussions, projects and activities. Students join together to strengthen their ability to work toward a common goal.

1. To Prepare young generations for School and for Life.
2. To Develop Creative Thinking and Problem Solving.
3. To Build Communication and presentation Skills.
4. To Teach the Application and Transfer of Knowledge.
5. To Promote Leadership and Personal Growth.
6. To Encourage a Lifelong Love of Learning.

Teaching Skills of Tomorrow Today