The Roadmap to Success

"The Roadmap to Success" (KG-G12)

The latest educational services worldwide provided by TECHNOFuture 2020.

A student roadmap for success in school, university and the labor market, designed specifically for each participant from KG-G12

Parents want to achieve a lot for their children, and this is our profession and experience for 15 years, which is “How” to enable students to achieve their goals and how we support the parents to save time and efforts reaching the targets. Today and together, we will help school-age students recognize the efficient pathway to be “The Winning Candidate” for school, university scholarships and labor market.

By 2020 we offer our students the opportunity to participate in “The Roadmap to Success” program; the latest educational services worldwide provided by TECHNOFuture in Egypt. The program offers various services for the participant students and their parents.

Why I should participate in The Roadmap program?
Soon, students will face a fast-changing vague future; driven by technology, knowledge, innovation and creativity. Few schools today is trying to adapt to these changes—and much remains to be done by families.

While one-fits-all education systems do not help students to achieve, the Roadmap to Success program create a “personalized” educational pathway, designed especially for your kid according to his own abilities and talents. Every student is a valued person who deserves personal attention.

How it works?
The program has three milestones, to guide participants to the right activities which help school-age students acquire skills that fulfil excellence criteria that schools, universities and labor work are seeking. The skills tackled do not only focus on “Education” majors but also how education helps in character building. Every participant in this program will achieve through three milestones:

1. Talents and Abilities Assessment:
The Roadmap to Success program starts with Assessment, that enables us to discover student’s abilities, talents and strengths to determine the best school, college and career readiness programs suitable for your kid and leads to reaching top goals.

2. Use your online account:
Every student will sign up to the online roadmap account. This tool designs a personalized pathway of educational and recreational activities according to assessment results. It also guides families to the accomplishment’s students should achieve during school years K-G12. This step focus on building independent new generations and developing their learning and character skills: Logical Thinking,Cognitive Abilities, Concentration, Problem Solving, Social Life Skills, Scientific Research, Data Collectionand Analysis, Critical Thinking, Planning, Mathematical Reasoning, Innovation

3. Periodical Achievement Evaluation:
The program continues during student school years. TECHNOFuture student advisors support and guide you to evaluate and continue achieving during school years till G12. We mark the distance in milestones to achieve excellence in education and character.

4. Be the “The Winning Candidate”:
This is the “output” of your hard work. You will be the achiever at school, university scholarships and labor market.

If you are worried about your kid abilities to face the future challenges, get more information about The Roadmap to Success program- TECHNOFuture is the place you have been looking for!

Success Stories

TECHNOFuture generation since 2005:
Yousr El Sharawy
Bachelor of Political Science, Canada
Noha Mansy
Masters of Language & Translation, France
Zeyad Rafik
Bachelor of Aviation Management, Poland
Hana El Kabbany
Bachelor of Architecture, Germany