Why Lego Education?

learning skill. It is a real world concept and career field with VAST applications not just math or science. It is an exciting, fun, creative, innovative, thought provoking game for kids.

How do LEGO bricks help children to develop their skills?

We remember things we learn as part of an active, creative process better than things we are told passively. We call this learning by making. It is – quite simply – the best way to acquire and improve skills. When children work with products from LEGO Education, they also add to their own “knowledge bank”, which corresponds to their particular level of development.

What do LEGO Education’s learning concepts give students that other materials cannot?

LEGO Education gives students a unique combination of challenges and practical experiences that are adapted to their particular level. When students are challenged at just the right level, they become involved in a step-by-step development process, in which each step encourages them to continue to the next. This is how children are motivated. When they create meaningful/recognisable “works” with their own hands, they build up experiences that they remember. LEGO Education’s learning concepts give students motivation and lasting experiences – which are the fundamental elements in a good learning environment.

What is the main difference between LEGO Education’s learning concepts and “ordinary” LEGO products?

LEGO Education’s products have been developed specifically for learning, and the classroom sets contain materials for teachers and students. The teacher’s guides establish a framework for structured class sessions and ensure that the class keeps to the set curriculum. LEGO Education provides plenty of room for variation in learning. The teacher’s guides and the student materials do not contain rigid solutions – they allow instruction to be adapted to meet the needs of individual students.

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