What kind of business background do I need to be one of the TECHNOfuture Franchisees?

Our perfect partners should play an active role in the business, interested in making a positive impact on children and their community. Other qualities we look for are compassion, willingness to learn, and support for our values. , In addition to Business and commercial awareness, financial stability and planning skills.

What about TECHNOFuture Curriculum?

TECHNOKids & TECHNOFuture curriculum is categorized according to age as follows:
           • 4-6 years students projects.
          • 7-9 years students projects.
          • +10 years students projects.

What are different activities we are offering through our branches?

The projects are designed to promote a natural passion for science, engineering and technology, Gain self-esteem and leadership skills and Discover different career possibilities and life skills;. The activities for all ages vary as follows:
          • Workshops - 3 hours
          • Technology Camps - 6 hours
          • Monthly projects
          • Intensive courses for a week
          • Weekend activities
          • Activities for school students during the school day
          • Activities for school students after the school day
          • Activities for school trips to our centers

What else we do!

TECHNOKids & TECHNOFuture also prepares and qualifies students to participate in many national and international robotics competitions and science fairs. TECHNOKids & TECHNOFuture provide each participant with a workbook and certificate of achievement and encourage them to participate in a graduation ceremony after each project.

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