After School Programs for (KG-G12)

After school program is a set of interesting STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and hands-on activities for (K-G12) to be offered for students at school labs after school day or on weekends.

Benefits of the Program:

• The content of the program is not introduced to students during school hours ( Robotics, Mechanics, Electronics)

• The curriculum is project-based; students learn in the context of completing themed projects. This approach promotes critical and creative thinking by using the «knowledge» as a problemsolving tool.

• Every registered student in the program will get a workbook, certificate and evaluation report for each course

How it works?

The School Role in the program is to provide school labs, maintenance and technical support to computer labs, manage student’s registration and payments.

TECHNO will provide the overall management of the project. We also provide the program timetable, teachers and teaching materials/ robots and students workbooks.

Marketing materials and activities may include awareness sessions for parents, flyers and parents letters for school students. All aspects of the program can be customized to best fit in with your school.

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