TECHNO Innovation Club

TECHNO Innovation Club

An educational, cultural, scientific, and entertaining community for (4-17 years)

It is a community that includes a group of children and youth from (4-17 years) to encourage them to think in a different creative way by expanding their awareness through a new theme every month that includes lectures, workshops, scientific and entertainment trips and exhibitions of innovations in science.

How do I participate:
The first step: Get your club membership card and Join the closed club group on Facebook.
The second step: participation in club activities:
• Scientific workshops on the topic of the month.
• Scientific and recreational trips periodically.
• Periodic activities for community service and charity work.
• Science café discussion sessions.
• Science fair exhibitions for members.

Club goals:
1. Changing traditional patterns of thinking and converting them into creative and critical thinking.
2. Preparing club members to participate in international science fairs.
3. Training on the steps of scientific research work and presenting the idea in a systematic way and presentation skills.
4. Make new friends through the club community from distinguished students.
5. Upgrading the general culture, scientific awareness and social behavior of the members.
6. Promote self-confidence, the value of teamwork, commitment, leadership and self-learning skills of members.

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