Schools Technology Camps- Summer and Mid-Year Clubs

Thousands of students participate during vacations in technology Camps at their schools . This service enables you to offer your students the opportunity to participate in interesting educational hands-on activities during vacations either at school premises or at TECHNO branches.

This service is designed to enable schools to exceed parents expectations and satisfaction. It adds new competitive advantage to your school as well.

Benefits of the Program:

• You do not have to plan or recruit new staff to execute a summer school program at your premises; TECHNO plan and execute summer programs at your school.

• If you are not willing to have a summer school or midyear club at the school premises, you can still arrange one for your school at our labs!

• Or you can exclusively offer your school students discount vouchers to participate in TECHNO Camps at any of TECHNO branches. This is a great opportunity to engage your school students in interesting yet educational activities as well as awarding gift for your st

How it works?

TECHNOFuture with collaboration with school administration will schedule the time, date and duration of the Technology Camp. The content and programs engage students in interesting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities.

TECHNOFuture get the teachers, all the materials, videos, robots and worksheets when applicable. TECHNOFuture provide school with the programs learning objectives to be used by school in marketing the camps

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