School workshops (KG-G12)

School workshops are one to three hours seminar (awareness session) designed to engage school students in the latest technology issues, introduce new technologies, international activities or robotics competitions.

Schools workshops take place inside school premises during school-day or it can be arranged in TECHNO branches for your school students.

Benefits of the Program:

• To build on your school image and add-on services to students.
• Open new gateway to the future for your students and promoting their career prospects.
• Offer your students the opportunity to explore the Robots and technology world.
• Promote students natural passion to STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math) by introducing it in a fun interesting way through workshops.

How it works?

TECHNOFuture with collaboration with school administration will schedule the time, date and duration of the session as well as grades that will attend.

We get the teacher, all the materials, videos, robots and worksheets when is applicable. TECHNOFuture also provide school with the workshop learning objectives to be used by school in social media channels, as student invitation or parent letter.

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